Steel Construction

The various projects that we carry out at Aviv Shabtay Yosef Ltd. include steel construction, which forms the foundation and frame of many structures. Steel construction is used mainly for high-rise buildings, and also as an important design element since it is always highly visible. For example, one of the first and most impressive examples of steel constructions in the history of architecture and construction is the famous Eiffel Tower. It was the first massive project based on steel construction. Today, current technology enables much more.

Steel construction offers many advantages to any building, including better protection against earthquakes. Naturally, thanks to the structure and method of steel construction, it is much more durable than any other construction and remains stable even during earthquakes. Thus, steel construction makes it possible to build high and safely.

Today, a large percentage of construction around the world is based on steel construction used for a wide range of needs. As part of the company’s operations, we carry out many projects that combine a variety of tasks and capabilities, from welding and melting to the supply of high quality self-manufactured construction parts, which ensures the quality of the steel and installation. The company provides steel construction services to private clients, both public and governmental. This enables the construction of new high buildings, new sections for existing buildings with steel construction, and much more.