Industrial Scaffolding

Aviv Shabtay Yosef Ltd. is an importer specializing in the design, supply and installation of industrial steel scaffolding type Ringlock/Allround Scaffolding.

Our company also has transportation and construction equipment at its disposal, as well as a skilled staff of certified scaffolding builders with permits to work in high places.

Advantages of Our Scaffolding System

  • Quick and simple setup of all parts of the system compared to other scaffolding systems.
  • Each rosette (ring) can hold up to 8 connections.
  • No wear and tear or lost nails, screws and clamps.
  • It’s possible to build the scaffolding system independently without clinging/bracing it to the structure – a crucial advantage in structures designated for preservation.
  • Thanks to the versatility of the scaffolding system, it’s possible to build it safely anywhere.
  • It’s possible to install a dedicated staircase in the scaffolding system for temporary access to the building with an exit on each floor.
  • The scaffolding system is made of steel coated with hot-dip galvanizing, which protects against weather hazards for many years.

Parts of the system