Building Restoration

The various authorities in Israel have long been concerned about the condition of many buildings in the country, especially in terms of durability and resistance to natural elements, such as earthquakes. Despite the various warnings that often incentivize building restoration, the current situation is that most buildings in Israel are not prepared for strong earthquakes. As a result, people begin to worry and seek solutions only in later stages. Building restoration is a necessary process for the safety of every person, as well as the country as a whole, because the safety of every residential building contributes to the overall safety of the entire country.

Aviv Shabtay Yosef Ltd. is involved in a variety of building restoration projects. By maximizing the possibilities offered in the TAMA 38 Program (National Planning Guidelines for Seismic Strengthening), the Company helps clients significantly improve the quality of life in any building.

Aviv Shabtay Yosef Ltd. performs high quality building restoration in the most professional manner and in the shortest possible times. The Company has vast experience in various types of construction, including building restoration at the highest standards and quality. The Company cares a lot about safety, making sure to provide residential solutions that improve the residents’ quality of life – not merely by ensuring the safety and strength of each building, but also by improving the standards of living.


Concrete Restoration

The process of concrete restoration is required when the concrete deteriorates, cracks and starts to crumble. There’s no need to explain the dangers entailed in neglecting concrete in this condition. Concrete is often used as the foundation of the building itself or its additional wings (such as, balconies). For example, when the building is placed on concrete pillars and the spaces between them are used for parking. Even in these cases, overlooking the need for concrete restoration may result in the most dismal consequences.

The various stages of concrete restoration include: preparing the area (peeling off the plaster and filling the cracks, until obtaining clean concrete); exposing the iron bars up to 1 cm from the iron’s perimeter and 10 cm on both its sides. The exposed iron is cleared of the rust residues, and if needed is reconnected by welding and reinforced with rust-converting chemical substances. After that, the area is closed with special concrete for restoration that does not shrink.

Unless the concrete is restored in a professional and timely manner, it might completely crumble, endangering the entire structure and those living in it. Aviv Shabtay Yosef Ltd. provides concrete restoration services based on many years of experience and extensive know-how in the field accumulated both through self-study during the course of the work and thanks to the Company team, which has extensive experience in all required areas.


Restoration and Reinforcement Using Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon fiber sheets are used for restoring and boosting loads in concrete elements such as: columns, beams and walls, both in buildings and parking lots and bridges.

The main advantages of using carbon fiber sheets are: Easy and fast application of the sheets with an epoxy adhesive in any form of the element that requires restoration or reinforcement. In addition, the use of carbon fiber sheets does not increase the volume of the concrete element in places where there is no room for expansion. Another advantage is the option of restoring and reinforcing carbon fiber sheets in places where it is not possible to widen elements using the conventional method of adding construction iron and pouring concrete, like in buildings designated for preservation and in places with access difficulties